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There are spaces that are conceived to be transformed and that is their nature of existence. Evolve. GREEN HQ is art and the best views, or the best views infused with art. It was born in 1950 as a Vaquería, which later, in 1963, became one of the tallest buildings in the entire block, exceeding the average height in 22 @, giving us the best views of Barcelona.

At that time, it went from being a hardware store to the cradle of art, a building in which they intertwined and left their mark: set designers, photographers and producers to create.

Today that 1950 Vaquería opens the doors to the visionaries of the 21st century, so that they can take the energy of constant progress. The restless and rebellious energy that is found in every wall, and that becomes one of the most innovative, sustainable and technological spaces of 22 @. The revolutionaries who inhabit it will reach higher than any other of their times ... at the same time that they join the #TransformarBarcelona #Movement.

  • 1.855 m²
  • Natural light
  • PB + 5 floors + penthouse with 2 terraces
  • Nearby to the sea
  • Near the sea
  • In the heart of the 22@

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