New normal:
Flexible hybrid offices

The COVID-19 installs a new paradigm in humanity. This change is unprecedented. A new concept in the way of working has born, a concept that we call hybrid offices where the face-to-face worker must interact with the remote workforce in a balanced and dynamic way.

Responding quickly to the reality we face is part of the flexibility and adaptability of our business and we want you to be calm, knowing that your work teams will be organised and protected in this new modality.

Hotelling system, build a Hub

  • A management style that fits within the hybrid office.

  • Office-based on reservations made before arriving at the workplace.

  • Articulates the home office with work in the office.

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2 meters distance

  1. 2 meters away from each other.

  2. Walk around the office clockwise, always and everywhere.

  3. Enter and exit meeting rooms as directed. We take care of the cleaning.

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New cleaning protocol

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hand Hygiene.

  2. General cleaning guidelines.

  3. Disinfection services and methods.

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Check List

  1. DDevelop and implement new hygienic behavior policies for employees and office visitors.

  2. Planificar la vuelta al trabajo y los horarios. 

  3. Plan and implement the necessary design adjustments to comply with measures to reduce face-to-face contact with customers/suppliers and between employees within the same company and visits.

  4. Prepare and introduce new hybrid office policies.

Do you want to help your team to be comfortable working from home?

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