El Jardín


Available: June 2022 | 650 m²

75-90 Posiciones

Flexible contract - minimum two years

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About this space

If you know Aragó street, you know that it is one of the busiest in Barcelona, recognized as the widening street. Can you imagine an oasis created by a secret garden, in the middle of that transit? You must see it to understand it! A garden that someone takes care of it, very much and well.

A garden always alive, with a thousand shades. I had to go, but I couldn't, my eyes were caught between some of the vibrant greens and the entrance from the terrace by a bow window, to the main, bright and open space, from which a chain of arcades unfolding that allow shelter to a company of about 65 positions.

Going through Aragó is an oasis in the middle of the desert.

  • 650 m²
  • 75 workstations
  • 1 floors
  • 1 board meeting
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • 2 call rooms
  • 1 fully equipped terraces
  • 1 fully equipped kitchen
  • 1 recreation area
  • 1 workshop / open space

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